Jan Brockmann, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2010 Jan Brockmann started to work as Director and Author especially for projects in the digital realm. Since then he created a variety of different films with multiple global agencies & clients, as well as personal work and recently creative visuals for Tush Magazine.


His films have been screened, nominated and awarded in different places and venues on this globe including SXSW Austin Texas, Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis, Canadian Fashion Filmfestival, BerlinFashion Filmfestival, Bookeh Southafrican Filmfestival, Spotlight Award, Vimeo Awards, Die Klappe Awards, FC Gundlachstiftung, 120 Years Schwarzkopf Exhibition - To name a few.


Memorable Clients are Nike, Schwarzkopf / Henkel, Otto Versand, Eon, Chanel, Philips, Olympus, Panasonic, Redbull, Schüco, Tush Magazine.